I am Woman, Hear me Roar!

I have noticed a disturbing trend of late moving through the ranks of social justice focused discussions centered on Feminism and overall issues of women’s rights. That trend is one of an aggressive silencing taking place when women are not specifically making/allowing trans-women to lead and/or be the focus when these discussions are taking place. This is beyond problematic and highlights the reason, in my opinion, that the trans rights movement needs to be completely separate from the movement for women’s rights. I know it may not feel like it, but I am a proponent of trans-rights and feel there are some major societal adjustments that need to be made in this regard, however, I will never be supportive of one movement’s fight for rights and against their oppression to overtake and usurp another’s whose fight has still not been won and whose systemic oppression continues. Make no mistake about it, Feminism’s fights have still not been fully won, despite what Rush Limbaugh and his ilk of MRA fuckwits would have you believe. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, ‘Murica, We See You!

One year ago today, I, Rob Bowen (aka the Angry Hippie), published the farewell episode of the podcast. And in that time, a lot has changed. Political divisiveness has ruled the landscape, and the United States’ skeletons have come out of the proverbial closet in spades, as our true nature as a nation came into blistering clarity handed down in the more than the results of the election, but in the entire process that delivered us the campaigns we had. Overall, last night’s election (and again, the election cycle as a whole) did two very potent and powerful things that will hopefully shock the country into the wake-up call it so badly needs. Read the rest of this entry »

The Podcast : Episode 89 – Anniversary Farewell

Episode 89 – Anniversary Farewell

In this anniversary farewell episode, Rob discusses the end of the podcast and the road ahead.

Episode 89

Link from the Show

Tumblr post I shared on the episode

The Megaphone : Episode 1 – WTF, Huck?!?

Welcome to the brand new vlog from the Angry Hippie! The Megaphone is a short rant about current events from the Angry Hippie himself. In this inaugural episode, Rob takes on Mike Huckabee and his transphobic statements earlier this year before looking at his more recent religious comments about the SCOTUS.

Links to further the conversation

Huckabee’s Transgender Shower “Joke”

Huckabee on the Supreme Court versus God

The revolution will be televised (by Fox News)

The revolution will be televised
Its participants, mischaracterized
The narratives injected with lies
To keep us misinformed and terrorized

They’ve bled the truth from the signal
They’re plugging into the mainstream feed
Deeming context and causation
As intel the public just doesn’t need
Because that context makes villains of so many
All complicit in our inaction
Contradicting manufactured narratives
Sold to us as distractions
Distractions from the truth of oppressions
That privilege this white supremacy
Guarded by a nationalism
Guised as a democracy
Distractions from the violent re-enforcement
This systemic inequality demands
And the truth we hope it buries,
That it puts blood on all white hands

The revolution will be televised
So its heroes can all be demonized,
And the narratives can be revised
To fit the ends that they have long devised

They’ve bled the truth from the pages
They’ve left for us upon the shelves
Deeming it much too dangerous
For us to handle for ourselves
And now we’re picking up the pieces
History’s neglect has yielded
Unable to fully understand them
Given the facts from which we’re shielded
Facts on the true nature of this nation
Born of these ludicrous contradictions
Claiming freedom for one and all
While stipulating numerous restrictions
Facts that, once freed from whitewashed pages,
Become the fodder of academic “myth”
Encased in a brand new context
That is much easier to dismiss

The revolution will be televised
And its events all re-contextualized
Til the narrative’s destabilized
And perverted before our very eyes

They’ve bled the people of this nation,
And people of color have bled the most
And today we’re burning from this frustration
We are still haunted by these ghosts
Because the hands that built the pyres
Are still the ones pulling the strings
Somehow puzzled by all these fires
Believing they are the ones who are suffering

The revolution will be televised
Its participants, mischaracterized
The narratives injected with lies
To keep the murdering incentivized


The Podcast : Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror

Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror

In brand new episode of the podcast, Rob takes a look at two recent terrorist events, before dissecting our response in the US to terrorist attacks or threats. First off, the discussion goes over the recent NAACP bombing in Colorado Springs and the lack of a committed media and police response to the issue. Even as the suspect remains at large, and the FBI investigation is allegedly underway, Rob asks some lingering questions the lackluster response to the attack has left in the minds of several locals. Then the discussion turns to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris and the ensuing hate and threats facing Muslims abroad. Also, Rob takes on how to mourn the losses of these kinds of attacks without a martyrization of erasure taking place which either sweeps the ills of the dead under the proverbial rug, or worse, has the ills dismissed as nothing bad as the public embraces and then begins reproducing the bullying-esque behaviors en masse. Then Rob ties it all together with a talk about the ways in which the US has let the terror win and reshape the country, and ways in which we allow terrorists to freely operate in this country so long as they do so behind a veil of Christianity.

Episode 88

Links from the Show

A Brief History of Slavery and the Origins of American Policing

Encyclopedia.com’s History of Police (US focused)

Link from Bin on the problematic nature of terms like ‘moral schizophrenia’ (which I used in the last episode, and apologize again for)

KKK’s Historical Ties to US Politics

NAACP Bombing in Colorado Springs


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The Podcast : Vegan Helliday Special 8 – And a Crappy New Year

Vegan Helliday Special 8 – And a Crappy New Year

In the return of the Vegan Helliday Special, Rob takes a look at holiday traveling once again, and changes in the vegan landscape in the south since last time he was around. Given the intersectionality that veganism demands, and the fact that Rob’s travels took him home to Tennessee, the episode focuses on a topic that came up in numerous ways while Rob was home, racism. Discussing the #BlackLivesMatter moment, and sharing the long list the NAACP compiled and tweeted recently providing a snapshot of the number of unarmed persons of color who have been killed by police since 1999, the episode does a lengthy dissection of systemic racism as it pertains to and has shaped our current justice system and police force. Winding down with a talk about Leelah Alcorn’s suicide, and the torture that is conversion therapy, the episode covers a large portion of current events that need to be taken with us into the new year so we can make 2015 less crappy than its predecessor.

Hellidays 8

Links from the Show

Article on Antonio Martin

Expanded NAACP short list of unarmed people of color killed by police since 1999

#BlackLivesMatter – (**In the show I misspoked and noted that the movement was started by two women, it was actually three. Their names are Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi!**)

Yves, Thanks for the following info!

Trans Housing Network

1-877-565-8860 – The Trans Lifeline (a crisis hotline created specifically for transgender people run by transgender volunteers)

The Podcast : Episode 87 – Katrina & Our Changing Climate

Episode 87 – Katrina & Our Changing Climate

In this all new special episode of the show, Rob is joined by a very special guest, former podcast co-host, Persephone Pomegranate (aka Angie) to cover the issues surrounding Hurricane Katrina, the flooding of New Orleans, recovery efforts near ten years later in the Gulf, climate change and more as a social action project for a class they took this semester at UCCS on the subject. As they share what they learned, synthesized into a narrative in three parts, the podcast covers topics that all center around lessons we should have learned on back in 2005 as New Orleans drowned. In the wrap-up section of the program, Rob takes a solo flight through emails and talks of #BlackLivesMatter and how this powerful movement of today ties back to Katrina and some of the U.S.’s victims and refugees of climate change.

Episode 87

Links from the Show

Link to full David Suzuki interview that an excerpt was used from to open the show

Outlaws and Injustice


Hollywood had a habit of telling us long ago that the good guys always wore white and the bad guys always wore black. It was a code. It helped us to identify the outlaws. Those who wrote their own codes and disrupted the daily lives of us all with their violence and defiant ways. These days we don’t have such clear lines of division between the good and the bad. Too many of the supposed good guys who live behind badges and take on the responsibility of protecting the public from the outlaws, turn out to be themselves the enemy they so proudly professed they were protecting us from.

Today, the Grand Jury’s decision in Ferguson, Missouri to not indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown stands as an example that the outlaws are running the system, and that spells nothing but injustice for the rest of us. If you are not afraid right now of the license to abuse that the Grand Jury has handed down to the police of the area (and potentially to the rest of the stations across the nation)…if it doesn’t chill you to the very core, and make you scared to live in this corrupted land of the free, then more than likely you are white. But decisions like this should be feared. Should be fought. I am sickened right now at the state of our system, and the repeated proof it continues to deliver to us proving that in its blinded eyes, black lives do not matter.

I have been watching this situation play out, hoping against my cynical assumptions that racism would prevail, and have been wanting to do an episode of the podcast about it, but I just don’t think I have it in me to do it. This story has broken me in so many ways, because despite my best efforts and ongoing cynicism, I wanted so badly to believe that this case would prove to be the turn around. The needed shift in the system that would course correct this racially biased path our country has been walking since its inception. I wanted to hear that the Grand Jury would stand up to this growing and overwhelming tide of police brutality and state sanctioned murdering of black youths and men that has swept through our history and continues to drown our public today, and say, “NO MORE!”

But instead they’ve said, “No. More.”

And I have no more left. No more patience for this sick and twisted system of racial profiled policing. No more compassion for the trigger happy badged Klansmen that are too many of our police force claiming duty and mistakes in the wakes of lifeless black bodies robbed of their sparks by unfeeling hands. You’re job performances have hints of lynchings, and we see you. No more calm to check my demeanor as ignorance reigns and privileged, willfully blind asshats spew uninformed drivel to support this system of hate.

We have to do better…

The Podcast : Episode 86 – Suck My Ass SCOTUS

Episode 86 – Suck My Ass SCOTUS

In this very angry episode, Rob shoves off the mission for a calmer, less shouty road for the road previously taken. After calmly diving into a few topics shared in the feedback portion of the program, which covers sexism and veganism in a couple of ways, Rob begins unloading both barrels at recent SCOTUS decisions regarding buffer zones and freedom of speech, plus the violence they now attribute to protected speech, to the more pressing decision on Hobby Lobby and health insurance coverage of reproductive care needs for women and the inequality the misogynistic ruling acts to further. Rob also looks at the Facebook study that was recently published and the unethical, underhanded approach they took and lack of trust that makes emotional contagion a dangerous concept, all the while drawing parallels to other animals being used unwillingly as test subjects and how our outrage should really be focused on all animal testing, for human and non-human animals alike.

Episode 86

Links from the Show

FDA Approves AVI Foamguard that Can Suffocate 15,000 Chickens in 15 Minutes

SCOTUS doesn’t like buffer zones (except the one around them)

Supreme Court Strikes Down Contraception Mandate (even though there wasn’t one) Stands Up for Misogyny

Hobby Lobby invests in numerous abortion and contraception products while claiming religious objection

Stop Calling Hobby Lobby a Christian Business

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Writes Scathing 35-page Dissent on Hobby Lobby Contraception Case

Hillary Clinton Condemns Deeply Disturbing Hobby Lobby Ruling

Debbie Wasserman Schultz decries impact of Hobby Lobby decision on birth control

John Oliver takes on Hobby Lobby: “Gov’t is not an a la carte system”

The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg’s Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision

Facebook’s Unethical Experiment